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Need Help Negotiating A Lease? 专业的租约事务谈判团队,我们可以为您提供如下服务:

Although life and business is now returning to some normalcy, business owners who lease premises are counting the cost of the recent restrictions and lockdowns and many just treading water to pay the bills.

If you have a lease coming up for renewal, your first point of contact should be to call us to see how we can help negotiate a better deal for you.

With our ‘NO SAVINGS, NO FEE’ policy, you just cannot go wrong by seeking help at a time when you really need it.

So don’t delay, call Lynne at Lease Negotiation Services today on 0401 996646 to see how we can assist you.

专业的租约事务谈判团队,我们可以为您提供如下服务: ---新租约的谈判。 如果您想要开一个新的店铺或扩大业务,我们可以代表您和房东开展租金价格和其他主要合同条款的谈判,基于我们对租赁市场的了解和专业知识,确保您拿到最合理的价位和最有利的条款。 ---帮助您续约。如果您在续约时遇到困难,特别是租金方面或沟通方面,委托我们可以确保续约过程顺利进行。 ---租金减免/租约转让。疫情导致市场出现很多的不确定性,通过谈判,我们可以帮你实现合理的租金减免要求,或者您的生意即将出售,我们可以协助您进行租约的转让过户。 我们的收费建立在为您节省支出的基础上,通常情况下,没有为您节省,就没有收费。 请致电0431 923 166联络租赁事务咨询主管Harvey,中文服务让您沟通无阻。

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