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Negotiating a commercial or retail lease can be overwhelming, complex and time-consuming.  By acting solely on behalf of the tenant ensures that our primary focus is to negotiate the best monetary deal possible for you. 

Through strategic negotiating tactics and knowledge of complex lease terms, our ultimate aim is to ensure that the commercial lease obligations you commit to are kept to a minimum while simultaneously providing value to the tenant’s advantage, that you will benefit from and enjoy for the duration of your lease.


The LNS Director, Lynne Greenwood, is a fully licensed commercial property professional with over 30 years’ industry experience and a well-respected lease negotiation specialist.  She is technically savvy, conversant with commercial and retail leases and the NSW property market.  Lynne has worked on behalf of many tenants and at companies including BGIS, KFC, Mission Australia, State Rail, NSW Education, Inner West Council, Brookfield Multiplex, DTZ and Mark Orr Commercial, achieving significant savings by implementing resourceful strategies.

You will find that together with her bright and friendly personality, Lynne is also an outstanding, tenacious and loyal player when it comes to negotiating the best deal for her clients.


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