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Are you dealing with a hungry landlord?

As we gradually emerge from the pandemic, it is plain to see that landlords across the country are hungry for their rent. Now more than ever!

The landlords and their agents are trying to obtain inflated asking rentals and it is having a huge affect on the current rental market, particularly retail premises, as landlords try to grapple with the on-going effects of the pandemic and Australia’s economy.

So, you may ask, what do you do when faced with a property you are keen to rent, but the landlord is not backing down from the asking rental?

What you do is call Lease Negotiation Services. Their expertise in bringing together the landlord and tenant to satisfactory and agreeable terms, are what they do best.

Lease Negotiation Services will discuss with you various options and provide you with a strategic plan in which to forge a deal with the landlord. We do all the hard negotiation work for you on your behalf, so you can concentrate on operating and growing your business.

The rental is only one component to take into consideration. There are many provisions where savings can be achieved. And this is where we can most help you tailor the negotiations around your preferences and personal circumstances.

Call us now for a free consultation. You will find we are communicative, credible and ethical. And what’s more, if we cannot save you any money, there is no charge! What more could you ask for?

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